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Lease and loan pricing calculations for the next generation!

Made for professionals by professionals!

An iOS-Based Lease & Loan Calculator

Any Lease or Any Loan

  • Loans and non-tax leases

  • Amounts up to $50MM

  • Interest rates to 39%

  • Tenors up to 30 years

iOS Based

  • Works best on iPhone

  • Works on iPad as well

  • View in portrait or landscape

  • Light and dark modes

Ideal Users

  • Accountants

  • Commercial bankers

  • Equipment leasing professionals

  • Equipment vendors

Beta Test User No. 7 Retired Banker

 “Powerful, yet very easy to use.

July 27, 2022

Beta Test User No. 18 Finance Student

“Like a HP12c on steroids.”

October 11, 2022

5 Calculators

  • Equipment Lease Calculator

  • Car Lease Calculator

  • Real Estate Lease Calculator

  • Commercial Loan Calculator

  • Mortgage Calculator

Work Faster

  • Ability to save and open files

  • Create templates

  • Customize the start-up lease

  • Share results with other easily

  • Export data files to iCloud



  • Simple to complex repayment plans

  • 7 different payment types

  • Pay monthly, quarterly, semiannual, or annual

  • Set timing to advance or arrears

  • 7 preset payment templates


  • Average Life

  • LesseePaid and Buyer Paid Fees

  • Present Value of Lessee Obligations

  • Early Buyout Amount and Termination Values

  • Lease Balances


  • ASC 842 classification both Lessee and Lessor

  • Calculate implicit rate

  • Calculate the present value of minimum rents

  • Calculate maximum lessee residual guaranty to pass 90% present value test

Beta Test User No. 3 Gig Worker

 “Very stable. It didn’t crash once.”

September 9, 2022

Beta Test User No. 18 Mortgage Broker

“Tested both fixed and ARMs. App worked just fine.”

October 21, 2022


  • Ability to set Funding and Base Term Commencement Dates

  • All periodic payment dates calculated by end-of-month rule

  • Four (4) different day count methods for calculating interest, including 30/360, Actual/360, Actual/Actual and Actual/360


  • Numerous yields and rates calculated, including EBO Rate, Buy Rate, and Implicit Rate

  • All yields proven by amortization reports

  • Ability to solve for amount, interest rate, term, or unlocked payments

CFLease Has 4 Main Screens

The four main screens below allow the user to easily navigate to 14 other screens and 11 reports.


Payment Schedule

Payment Group

Side Menu