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5-in-1 Calculator

Equipment Lease Calculator

  • Non-Tax Leases and Loans

  • Calculate Early Buyouts

  • Calculate Outstanding  Balances 

  • ASC 842 Classification for Lessor and Lessor

  • Maximum Lessee Residual Guaranty for 90% Test

Car Lease Calculator

  • Leases with Multiple Advance Payments

  • Determine the Interest Rate Impact of Down Payments and Fees

  • Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause (TRAC) Leases

  • Calculate True Borrowing Cost

  • Calculate Current Lease Balance

  • Rolling Payoff of Current Lease into New Lease

Mortgage Calculator

  • Tenors up to 30 years

  • ARMs, Fixed, and Graduated Payments

  • Calculate Annual Percentage Rate

  • Refinancing Loans

  • Outstanding Balances

  • Canadian Mortgages

Real Estate Lease Calculator

  • Rents with Escalators

  • Rents with Skip Payments

  • Price of a Mortgage Traded at a Discount or Premium

  • Yield of a Mortgage Traded as a Discount or Premium

Commercial Loan Calculators

  • Floating and Fixed Rates

  • Fixed Principal Amortizations

  • Average Life

  • Any Term or Any Amortization